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Dark Star Quadrant

Dark Star Quadrant
Dark Moon Fleet


Welcome to the

Dark Star Quadrant!!!!!

This area of space encompasses what hu-Mans call Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  There are many proud Naval and a few Marine vessels serving in this area of space, providing intelligence for the Klingon Assault Group and working to make life more bearable for the inhabitants of this planet!

For fun and mayhem, we don our Klingon armor and attend sci-fi conventions and other functions as a group! I have designed a Newsletter called
The Dark Star for the Dark Star Quadrant to list such events. The dates for 

The Dark Star will be Jan. 16th and the next on April 15th of 2010.

Everything we do is GLORIOUS!!!!

If YOU have a WARRIOR'S HEART and wish to take up a bat'leth and join us, go to and, accessing the JOIN, button follow the user-friendly Robo-Application process to sign up!

For a list of ships in your area, go to the Dark Moon Fleet website at (curently unavailable)

For now, you can look at the Dark Star Quadrant Ship page to see who is near you.
And for even greater Glory, we are always looking for that special Warrior who wishes to build his or her own ship (chapter) and bring Honor, not only to self and crew, but to the Klingon Assault Group as well!

If YOU are that Warrior, contact the Dark Star Quadrant Commander, Lt. Cmdr. Gortok vestai-QIHqem, at and let him know you are answering the Challenge!

To join the Klingon Assault Group listserve, send an email to:

And to subscribe to the Dark Star Quadrant yahoo group, send a email to: 





Dark Star Quadrant Commander

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